20 Action Items to Help you Achieve Health & Vitality


No matter your goals, implement these 20 action items to build a strong foundation for good health.

I have been a Health Coach for 18 years and have helped many clients, in London and in Cornwall, achieve their health and fitness goals. Whilst the approach with every client is different, there are always general principles that need to be followed to achieve optimal health, vitality and ideal weight.

Below are 20 action items that I believe, based on my experience and training, can help you to achieve amazing results.

20 Action Items to Help you Achieve Health & Vitality
  • Drink adequate amounts of clean water – your body is 70% water and you need to consume 0.03 litres per kilo of body weight.
  • Get to bed by 10pm and sleep for 8 hours – along with water consumption, this will have the biggest impact on your health, and it’s FREE!
  • Eat right for your Metabolic Type® – everyone has a unique requirement for proteins, fats and carbohydrates. To find out what your Metabolic Type® is, contact me at the studio.
  • Eat REAL food – that is food which is organic and natural. A good tip is to avoid anything that has an ingredients list. Also, shop around the outside of the supermarket.
  • Avoid gluten and pasteurised dairy – both of these foods are very difficult to break down and can cause digestive problems.
  • Avoid eating anything that comes from a tin or a can.
  • Avoid alcohol.
  • Avoid caffeinated beverages.
  • Eliminate sugar and sugar substitutes from your diet.
  • Eat good quality fats – this includes butter, coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil. Avoid any processed fats, including anything that describes itself as low-calorie such as margarine and low-fat spreads. I will be posting a comprehensive blog on the myths surrounding fat consumption very soon.
  • Exercise/ move your body every day.
  • Have a corrective exercise programme written for you – a programme that is written to help you improve posture and function will improve well-being as well as reducing/eliminating any pain in the body.
  • Use organic body care products – your skin absorbs approximately 60% of products used topically. The average adult uses 9 body care products daily, exposing them to 126 chemicals each day.
  • Learn how to breathe diaphragmatically and do this as often as you can throughout the day – to find out more, contact me at the studio or find a good yoga instructor.
  • Test for food intolerances – see the previous article I have written on this topic.
  • Spend time in the sunlight – exposure to the sun provides the body with vitamin D. Ok, this isn’t always easy in England!
  • Learn how to quieten your mind and relax – such practices as yoga and tai-chi can be very helpful with this.
  • Play every day.
  • Make plenty of time for your friends and family.
  • Follow the above 80% of the time – you can then treat yourself 20% of the time and your body will be able to handle it!

It is important to work through this list at your own pace. If you would like personal coaching on exercise, nutrition and lifestyle then please contact me at the studio.

Client Stories

Mike has worked in the health and wellbeing industry for 20 years and has helped hundreds of clients achieve lasting health and performance benefits. Read some of the stories of those he has helped here.

Mike Casey

Mike Casey

BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Sciences

C.H.E.K. Integrated Movement Specialist Level 4

C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3

BTEC Level 5 Soft Tissue Therapist

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

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